Solid Foundation School

Solid Foundation school provides the highest quality education that is morally sound and cost effective for children of Liberia from pre-school to junior high school. We foster relationship between students, parents and faculty, in an effort to enhance academic, spiritual and personal success.

Inception and Purpose

Solid Foundation School was founded as a day care in April of 1987. In 1993, three years after the inception of the civil crisis in Liberia, many school closed and Solid Foundation became an elementary school. This venture enabled us to fulfill a dire need for schools and quality education. Over the years, classes have gradually increased to junior high level. To date, one hundred and forty six (146) students are enrolled at Solid Foundation.

  • Our purpose is to prepare students for academic achievement in high school and college.
  • To promote strong study and work ethics.
  • To be productive members of our post war society.
  • To provide home economic skills (tie-dyeing, beading, embroidery).
  • To provide typing skills for students from grades four to nine, as a stepping stone for future studies and career.

Courses Offered

Math, English, General Science, Social Studies, Health Science, Literature, Civics, French (grade 6 to 9), Religion, Phonics, Reading and Spelling, Physical Education, Typing (grade 4 to 9 ), Home Economics (grade 4 to 9).


  • Since the civil war, the school has built five additional classrooms.
  • Successfully mandated and achieved teacher certification at all grade levels.
  • In 2005, five out of six, six graders passed the National Standardized Test.
  • Built a well on premises with hand pump to provide sanitary water for our students.
  • Hired a School Nurse to provide first aid to students during school hours.


  • Obtain text books to enhance education
  • Obtain reading books to create library thus enhancing vocabulary and reading skills
  • New reliable typewriters
  • One computer for administrative use (organize school records)
  • Recreational equipment
  • Continued sponsorship of need based student

Maintain financial support of students from pre-school to ninth grade via the Florence Attiogbe Wilson Education Foundation (FLOAWEF) and the Francis C. Morgan-Wilson Scholarship.


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