A Message From The Founder

Dear Friends,

I left the United States in January 2006 for a “fact finding trip” to Liberia and Sierra Leone, to determine what I could do to help women and children in these countries. The horror stories of the inhumane abuse of women was unimaginable and made me determined to open my heart and mind to what God wanted me to provide for the women and children.

I visited Hebron Orphanage in Liberia, and was reduced to tears as I walked through the facility. I felt that God wanted me to help the children at the orphanage.  I had the same conviction when I visited FAWE in Sierra Leone. I was deeply moved when I heard how the girls had been sexually abused, gang raped and violated in horrific ways during the war. This made me more determined to empower women by providing funding for their education. Rescue and Empower African Women and Children was thus begun with three programs in two countries.

REAWC has had a very successful first year of operation. Since its inception in June 2006, REAWC has supported students by providing tuition, uniforms, books and educational supplies. REAWC provided support for seventy-nine students during the 2006 / 2007 school year. Through financial assistance from REAWC a water well and pump were installed at one facility to provide clean drinking water for 
the students.

For the 2007/2008 school year, the number of students receiving support through REAWC has increased considerably. It is a blessing that the Lord has provided the opportunity for REAWC to assist so many more students.

It has been gratifying to receive letters from the students at FAWE-Lungi expressing their thanks and appreciation for our support. Most of the letters were very moving especially the one from a young woman who stated that because of the support received from REAWC, she did not have to go out on the streets to find funding for her tuition. Making a difference in the life of such students confirms the need for REAWC’s intervention.

As we go into the year ahead, I am thankful to God for opening doors and opportunities for REAWC to be of assistance in Liberia and Sierra Leone. It is a privilege to work with the schools to provide an education for these recipients, part of the future generation, in order to free them from poverty, give them hope, ensure a better future for them, so that they can contribute to building their communities and improving their lives.

Best regards,




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